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Hi everybody, my name is Paola Robles, I live in Spain and I have more than 16 years of experience teaching in Latin America, USA and Europe. Since I was a child I wanted to be a teacher, that is why I believe that wishes come true. Now, I have been teaching and learning about education for all this period of time with passion and challenging projects every day.

After many years of experience, I have decided to create Class Plus with clear objectives to help Teachers and Students. Teachers, because I have developed lots of tools and techniques that could help you in several ways. And of course, help children, but why? Making a long story short, when I was a child, I experienced lot of learning difficulties. In my personal case, I had the strength and support to overcome these adversities and now I develop resources that are really useful for other kids; my passion is to share them with you.

Class Plus is born with a strong philosophy; to offer high quality and creative contents based on professional research in order to support and guide teachers to develop in students academic, social and emotional competencies that help them to achieve their full potential and succeed in school and life, through growth mindset and coaching.


We offer resources that help teachers and children to develop, strengthen and enhance their skills. Each resource is made through a professional research process to ensure best quality.


These are teaching resources for ELL /ESL / EFL teachers and students. The resources are focused on developing academic skills in areas such as math, language arts, and social studies.


We believe that bilingual education offer children cultural, cognitive and social benefits and opportunities. That is why these resources are the Spanish version of the English ones.

Yearly Events

Each yearly event is an opportunity for teachers and students to create meaningful activities, self discover and celebrate life with your class and share projects with family.


Teachers Pay Teachers

An online marketplace where teachers buy and sell original educational material that works in the day to day classroom

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A range of primary and secondary school teaching resources including lesson plans, worksheets and student activities for all curriculum subjects

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Discover our collection of free resources, a growing array of files ready to download that help you with your students and classroom.

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We create meaningful bilingual resources that get engraved on the heart.

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Please feel free to say hello using the following email: paolarjg@gmail.com

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